Bayou X

Downhome Music From the Bayou & Beyond


Your Mother Must Be Something Special

by Bayou X

Although based in New England, the music of Bayou X is deeply rooted in the music of the Louisiana Cajun and Creole communities, incorporating a wide range of global "creole" musical genres that have contributed to the DNA of Cajun, Zydeco and New Orleans music. Led by New Orleans native Peter Simoneaux on fiddle & vocals, and spouse & partner Linda Simoneaux on accordions & vocals, the music of Bayou X is above all else, high energy dance music, of a decidedly fun and positive outlook. This CD, Your Mother Must Be Something Special, is dominated to an unusual degree by original compositions, grounded in traditional genres, and in many cases turning the tropes of those genres inside out, emphasizing themes of gratitude and respect, but at the same time, never losing sight of the party. Stellar contributions come from band members, Daniel Kasnitz on bass, vocals, and production, Lucas Houk on keys & vocals, "Smiley" Bob Everingham on electric guitar, and Dr. Bob DeSena on drums. With special guests, Julian Gerstin on percussion, and Chris Miller of The Revelers on tenor saxophone on selected tracks. The recording quality, engineered by Gary Henry and Colby Dix at Northern Track Studios in Wilmington VT, is exceptional and contributes much to the dynamism of this CD.