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Saxtons River July 4 Celebration
6:00 PM18:00

Saxtons River July 4 Celebration

Once again, the Village of Saxtons River has invited BAYOU X to finish out their VT-famous, day long July 4 Celebration, at the Recreation Area just north of the Village. Swimming, picnic, Fireworks at dusk, and dancing to the sounds of Bayou X…. roughly 6 - 9 pm…. For sure, we’ll throw some dance instruction into the mix, but otherwise, over the course of three sets, we’ll range widely through a repertoire that includes, traditional Cajun and Louisiana Creole Zydeco, New Orleans 2nd line standards, Americana, and traditional and original music inspired by the global diaspora of Afro-Creole music! Good times, guaranteed! Free. Rain or shine.

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7:00 PM19:00

Mardi Gras Dance Party with Planet Zydeco & Bayou X

This will be one of the notable events of the season for the Northeast Zydeco community, and a mighty swell party for everyone in Brattleboro VT! Stone Church will host the kickoff to our 2019 Carnival Season in Brattleboro, with this Two-fer Zydeco dance party featuring longtime local favorites Bayou X and Planet Zydeco. Nick Keil and I have been trying to find a host for this event for over a year now. Bayou X and Planet Zydeco have been good buds for over ten years running, but this will be the first time we’ve ever shared an event before the general public, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! While this should be a premier event for Zydeco Dancers (who will love the dance floor and acoustics here), as a matter of outreach, we are also casting it as an all purpose Mardi Gras party for the general public! There will be plenty of dance instruction and lots of friendly dance facilitators on hand to help everybody cop a groove. Planet Zydeco is of course, the more established Zydeco act around these parts. Bayou X has been evolving from more of a Cajun/Creole oriented band, to one that’s hitting every groove imaginable, from authentic Louisiana Cajun & Zydeco music to New Orleans Mardi Gras standards, to tunes from all over what I call the Creole Diaspora…. Global Creole dance music. This is gonna be a great party, and a great night for dancing late into the night! You don’t want to miss it! Tix will be $12 advance, $15 at the door. ($15/$18 if you prefer to watch from the balcony seats!)

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8:00 PM20:00

2019 Carnival Season Tuneup at Club VT

Up here in the north country, every year, Bayou X bandleader Pete Simoneaux, makes it a personal mission to remind everyone that the end of the holiday season… the Twelfth Night of Christmas… is also the beginning of that time of year known worldwide as Carnival Season!

As such, on Saturday, December 29, before the ball has even dropped on 2018, BAYOU X, will host a Carnival Tune-Up at the recently reopened, and rebranded Club VT (long known as The Putney Inn Restauarant). Having reopened earlier this Fall, Club VT has re-established itself as a general entertainment hub in Putney, featuring something for everybody…. affordable food and drinks seven days a week, live music on weekends, a variety of other activities weeknight, a game room with pool tables, multiple dining, banquet and function rooms, and a pervasive sense of hospitality. For more info on Club VT, check out their website at, or call them at 802-387-0090.

This event will feature the introduction of Bayou X’s 2019 lineup, featuring new addition Ben Carr on drums, joined by Pete & Linda on the usual stuff, and joined by longtime band members Luke Houk on bass and “Smiley” Bob Everingham on electric guitar. We expect this to be a high energy event with a good crowd of regulars and newbies on hand. At present, the dance floor here is still industrial carpet, but it’s a good, smooth and cushioned surface for dancing. Serious dancers will want to wear leather soled shoes! We’re sure to do some dance instruction during the course of the evening.

By policy of Club VT, cover for this event is only $5.00. Plus, the food & drinks here won’t break your bank! So come out and party with us, and let’s have some big fun!

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